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In WESFONC GLAMOUR we want to highlight the beauty and feminine empowerment, showing the sensuality of women in an elegant, very fine and high-level way, favoring security and personal self-esteem, capturing all this in photographic images that will immortalize their essence having a beautiful memory that last forever.

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We have a whole team of professionals who will make you feel confident at all times, working in a safe, healthy and respectful environment.

A top class company located in Mexico City having multiple studios in the nation and working worldwide, our team specialize in luxury high fashion and erotic photoshoots dedicated to enhance the beauty and glamorous of all ladies, our staff of professionals are at your service all time during the photoshoot to provide you with confidence-boosting experience, guidance and making you look the most beautiful.

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WESFONC GLAMOUR has a unique style in making boudoir photography.

Each client has a full dedicated and special session, since they are all different in tastes, styles, bodies and sizes, that is why we adapt to all the client's requirements to make them feel wonderful since we do photo shoots  from a Casual Style, Fashion, Cosplay, Lingerie, Pinup, Alternative, Boudoir, Glamour and everything that the client and photographer have in their imagination to make it come true, thanks to the high level of digital editing retouching.

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We invite you to see our PORTFOLIO of images that speaks for itself and admire the final results that we have created together with clients, and to know that you do not have to be a professional model to be able to take photos in a unique and perfect way, saving that special moment by showing off your beauty in maximum splendor with our professional lighting techniques, styling, makeup, and body pose guide that will make you look great.

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We make photo shoots from $ 5,900 price without hidden costs and delivering digital files in their maximum resolution, something that most studios do not do.

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At WESFONC GLAMOUR you get quality for what you pay for

We understand that you are going to be nervous being your first time in a photo session but that is what we are for, to make you feel comfortable and teach you how to show your best essence in front of the camera, we teach you the best tricks to pose and shape your figure creating a beautiful aesthetic shape.

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You do not have to worry that your body is not naturally the perfect shape, nobody has it, every female body has small details on the skin such as scars, spots, chubby and tummy which is totally normal, we take care of fixing perfectly all those details in the digital retouching edition of the image to make you look the most perfect and beautiful while maintaining your essence and person.

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WESFONC GLAMOUR has worked with more than 200 female models around the world, being recognized with his unique style by the largest companies of photographic cameras, photographers, editing software and fashion magazines, his trajectory demonstrates it with more than 15 years in the photography and artistic business. Having a perfect control of the model, so there will be no moments of tension on how to look sexy, since with all their equipment they will guide the model to obtain the best images, simply by looking at our portfolio you will be able to realize the quality and perfection of the photographic results with women who are not dedicated to modeling.

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We photograph all types of women, any age, any size, any style,

We highlight the beauty of all

Our main study is located in Mexico City and we are constantly making photo shoots all around the nation and all over the world, contact us to quote costs and upcoming locations.

WESFONC GLAMOUR is recognized for creating art based on the photography of a woman in lingerie, since there is a fine line between the erotic and the vulgar, our job is always to make women look elegant, powerful, luxurious and glamorous.

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I am interested in scheduling a photo shoot with WESFONC GLAMOUR, how much does it cost ?

We have different packages of photo shoots sessions, in our PRICES section we detail everything that each package includes, any questions contact us directly


I've never had a photoshoot before, is there a problem with that ?

Of course not! Most of the women in our portfolio had never had a photo session before nor did they know how to model, it is normal to arrive shy the first time when facing a camera, our job is to guide the model from the beginning on how to pose as a magazine model removing all the nerves and shy that may be had and creating the perfect atmosphere of comfort making the photo shoot a very enjoyable and fun experience.


How long does a photo session last ?

According to the package you choose, the durations are different and varies from a basic package is approximately 3 hours and in a complete full package a whole day is dedicated to you to calmly make the different changes of outfits, makeup and styles, since we are going to take pictures all day, you don't worry about food and drinks, we take care of that!


Can someone be accompanying me during the photo session ?

Yes you are welcome to bring a friend or partner to the session, but please, we ask that your companion respect the process and approach of our work without causing interruptions.


The final photos will be uploaded to the internet, Facebook, social networks etc?

Depending on the package contracted, a legal contract of privacy and use of image rights is signed which prohibits our studio from uploading your image to the internet and the files are deleted from our equipment, only the client will keep the final photographs for their personal us. If the client has no problem that their photos can be shown in our portfolio and uploaded to social networks, a discount will be made on the final price package.


Can you print large poster size photos ?

Of course, in addition to the cost of the contracted package, we can print photographs at any size and deliver them framed ready to hang in the wall, send us a message and we will quote you the best price with shipping by DHL


Can I give a photo session as a gift ?

Yes! We are sure that it will be the best gift you can give to that special person, since the emotional value of seeing having photos looking beautiful is something that you will keep for a lifetime.


After finishing the photo shoot, how long will it take to have my final images edited and my photo book printed ?

The post-production time of the photographs is approximately 15 days, the time is an estimate not guaranteed because each session is different due to the style, the required composition, correction of body and skin details, the retouch editing process is highly detailed and therefore time consuming, but it is guaranteed to be worth the wait!


What can I do with the photos of my photo shoot ?

Many of the women simply schedule the photo shoot to have a lifelong memory of themselves and increase their self-esteem, share the photos on social networks or also to advertise in their business areas, whether artistic or personal. The contract that we sign when making a photo shoot says that the use of copyright can be used on any internet site but not for commercial use such as sale of digital images, for that we can make a personalized contract that defines the use of images.

If you are planning to sell pictures of you, then we can make an exclusive photoshoot like the ones we have available to buy in our EXCLUSIVE +18 section, contact us to know your plans and reach a mutual arrangement.


What about all the photos that are taken in the session and are not edited ?

To achieve the perfect photo it is very important to take several photographs and work on the pose and details, having a large selection of material so that together with the model, see all the photographic material and select the best photo of each pose, only the best poses are worked on. to deliver a perfect shoot, all other photos are removed


And the most important and frequent question of all is, all the women in your portfolio are professional models ?

NO THEY ARE NOT , We also take photos of professional models but more than 90% of our portfolio are women who had never modeled or done a photo shoot before and the result is impressive, always having the best experiences. We invite you to visit our BEFORE AND AFTER section to see the process of digital art and the magic of publishing.

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